Tradition and innovation: a winning synergy

The Scaglia family  were skilled woodwork craftsmen (bobbins, button moulds); from the Imagna Valley, on the Alps north of Bergamo, they moved to Brembilla in the late 1700. Three generations later in 1868, one of them, Martino, moved to Milan. The main city of Lombardia at that time was the most important market in the whole Italian peninsula, as well as a rapidly growing economic and cultural centre. In Milano, Martino trained his two sons in his craft: Stefano was put in charge of  production and Martino of  sales.

During the early  years of the last century, up to the beginning of the Great  War, the market for  wooden bobbins, spools and  pulleys kept growing, so Stefano returned to his home town, Brembilla,  where he established  a larger production unit in a new building,  that  was in the next years enlarged and renewed several times and today is still the major production site of Scaglia group.

of  all members of the Scaglia Family. From the first patent, registered in 1911, when Martino Scaglia registered a patent for a device that  doubled the lathe work speed, new and that were pursuing and introducing constantly new production techniques and developing new and more performing products.

In the years ’50 and ’60 a worldwide sales network was established which, for that time, was particularly wide, covering areas such as Russia, South America and Asia. In 1970 Scaglia started to diversify its product range and SIT SpA was established for the manufacture and sale of power transmission components, like pulleys, belts, couplings. In 1975 Scaglia SpA developed and manufactured the first Liftronic a revolutionary load balancer for the handling and positing of loads. This business is now by Scaglia Indvea SpA. In 2001, Elatech SpA was established for the manufacture of polyurethane belts.

Thanks to continuous innovation, both in market diversification and in process and product innovation, Scaglia group is today active in 3 main business areas: accessories for textile machinery, mechanical power transmission components and industrial manipulators. With a staff of about 800 people and companies located in Europe, Asia and America, Scaglia Group is a reliable partner for all companies leader in their industry.

To learn more about our history browse thru the pages of the book: In the valley the sound of a siren.

The Scaglias and their Business: two centuries of industry between Bergamo and Milan